Timmy's Troopers

I believe that things happen for a reason. I love this program because it allows me to do good for someone who needs it, but this session gave me goosebumps. The morning of our 8am session, I woke up at about 6:30 to clouds and rain. I panicked because I knew that the family had 5 people to get ready that morning, and were traveling about a half hour. I called mom and asked if she was sure she wanted to risk us not being able to do it because of the weather. She said “We are all ready to go and the weather says that the sun will come out right at 8, so let’s do it”!!”

I was a bit nervous because the weather has been so unpredictable (and wet), I just wanted things to go well, but I was OK if she was. Driving to the session, I saw the most spectacular fall sky that I had probably ever seen, and right at 8, just as she said it would, the sun peeked out for us! Not sure if it was the amazing sky, the sun peeking out or the fact that I was doing a meaningful session that morning, but it got me choked up!


It may have been sunny now, but it was COLD and WINDY! The kids were such troopers! This is not a teenager’s favorite thing to do at 8am on a Sunday morning, but they did it for mom! It was one of those times that mom said they would look back on and laugh remembering how cold and windy and crazy it was!


Ten year old Timmy is also a trooper. Here is what his amazing mom had to say about his story…”I had no idea or warning that he would be born with an extremely rare disease. He was born not breathing and was whisked away to get his life saved. It was at least two hours until I heard any news. They told me I should pray. It’s hard for me to think back about these times. The last ten years have been filled with moments like this…but they have also been filled with joyful memories and love that is unconditional. Timmy’s medical conditions are many. He is completely ventilator dependent and gets all his nutrients via GJ tube. He has seizures daily and his heart is very weak.


She goes on to talk about what it means to her to have portraits taken…”We have never had a family portrait done. Mostly because I was afraid a photographer wouldn’t see him as perfect the way he is. I felt comfortable with Ana right away because she made me feel like she wanted to celebrate his differences and wasn’t afraid of his medical stuff and wheelchair. I made the decision to get family portraits done after Timmy entered hospice. It was around that time that I saw her name and program and it seemed like a sign. I’m so thankful that we really did it. I know I will cherish these pictures.”


I am so glad to have done this for them. Timmy’s mom said that after the session, she could tell that he had a great time, and what makes him happiest is when the whole family is together.

Meet the sponsor family for this Portraits with a Purpose session. They were a lot of fun to work with! Because of their order, I was able to photograph Timmy’s family at no cost to them, so thank you for helping to make this possible for them!


This family loves to play games, watch movies and visit friends and family together! Aaron and Elena try to set an example for their daughters by always being there for the community, their neighbors, and those less fortunate than them.

They loved being a part of the program and said “We would love to help in whatever way we can for a family to create memories and share their love for many years to come.”

If you’d like more information about “Portraits with a Purpose”, in becoming a receiving family, or a sponsor family, please contact me at 302-300-7569 or ana@photosbyexpressions.com

Ana Yevonishon